Kittens Milly, Molly & Mons

Ronjas Milly, Molly and Mons were the first and only litter of Norwegian Forest kittens bearing our own pedigree name. They were born on June 10th 1994. Their mother was Skovløberen's Sita (aka Ronja) and theit father Tjalfe af Norske Løve - both pedigreed brown tabbys. Our orange mixed-breed Rudolf served as an excellent uncle.

From the litter we kept Milly, who reached the age of 18. Her sister Molly sadly lost her life in an accident, when a ladder fell over her at her new owner's. Mons lived until a couple of years ago. First he was sold to a lady, who unfortunately died. He returned to us for a short while, until he found a lasting and loving home with Lene's niece Jannie.

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